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Chem-Film or Chromate Conversion (Alodine)

Chromate Films have low electrical resistance, with slight variables between Class 1A and 3. Class 3 is the most electrically conductive of the two types. Electrical resistance increases with the darkness of color.

Chromating is an economical replacement for anodizing when abrasion resistance is not required. Aluminum parts achieve a higher corrosion resistance when Chm-Film is applied. Used as a post-plating process, Chem-Film provides an excellent paint adhesion and a superior base for bonding. Another important quality is the ability to heal small scratches due to being soluble.

Chromate leaves no measureable build-up, but provides excellent corrosion resistance. UPI's process conforms to Mil-DTL-5541 and Mil-C-5541. Colors available are clear or gold. UPI has the capacity and qualifications to meet your production and delivery needs.

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