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Environmental Compliance

Good Stewards of the Environment

Environmental ComplianceUnited Plating, Inc. strives to be a good environmental steward. Our waste management department has three waste treatment centers operating independently and features the latest technology to ensure compliance. UPI is reducing our environmental footprint by employing the latest environmentally friendly chemistries, which also meet customers' RoHS and end-of life requirements.

UPI's waste management department is governed by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), the Environmental Protection Agency and the City of Huntsville. United Plating operates within the guidelines set by these agencies.

UPI also employs various recycling technologies to reduce and/or reuse our waste stream to minimize the amount of waste sent off-site for disposal. Off-site waste is sent to recycling centers or converted to energy where possible.

United Plating is just as concerned about air quality. UPI employs advanced scrubber and filtering systems in our processes to reduce emissions, along with using low Voc materials where appropriate.

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