United Plating, Inc.

Regular or Conventional Anodize

Regular Anodizing has outstanding decorative and corrosion resistance. It lends itself readily to clear and colors. The colors will be light to dark depending on required thickness. Regular anodizing provides an excellent base for primers, bonding agents and organic coatings. Given that anodized parts are non-conductive, masking is offered for areas designated as “anodize-free” or “conductive”.

UPI’s Regular Anodize process conforms to Mil-A-8625, ASTM, Defense, Aerospace and Automotive Standards, as well as Customer Specifications, and may be applied to a multitude of aluminum products. At UPI, customer requirements for close tolerances are met, just as process variables are maintained.

With United Plating’s Oversize Anodize Line, we have the ability to run parts that are too large for other finishing companies. Seven automated Regular Anodize lines provide UPI the capacity and capability to meet your production and delivery needs.

United Plating working on hard coat anodized aluminum project