United Plating, Inc.

Federal Firearms License

Type 7 Manufacturer in Huntsville, AL

FFL Type 7

The Federal Firearms License Class 07 is a manufacturer’s license, not a license to sell guns. While UPI, of North Alabama, does not make any gun parts, this license will allow United Plating to finish the parts. The parts of a weapon, as defined by the ATF, which makes it a gun (i.e. receiver, etc.) cannot be left unsupervised by a manufacturer. But a manufacturer can leave the parts in the custody of another FFL licensed entity. If a metal finisher does not have a FFL license, the customer must stay with the parts while they are being processed. This can be costly for the customer and requires extra coordination of processing time. In obtaining the FFL class 07 license, UPI has met the record keeping and security requirements as set out by the ATF, and files all required reports.

Title 2 (NFA) SOT

United Plating has obtained a Special Occupation Tax (SOT) which allows United Plating to finish Title 2 (NFA) firearms.

NOTICE: United Plating, Inc. does not sell any firearms or munitions.