United Plating, Inc.

Hard Coat Anodize on Aluminum

Many products benefit from Hard Coat Anodizing including: Automotive, Military, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Medical and Industrial.

Since Hard Anodized aluminum is non-conductive, areas requiring conductivity will need selective masking. Anodize becomes integrated to the part and is qualified for use in salt/corrosive atmospheres. While Regular Anodize has good wear resistance, Hard Anodized aluminum products exhibit excellent wear resistance.

UPI’s hard anodize process conforms to Mil-A-8625, ASTM, Military Standards and Customer Specifications for strength, corrosion resistance and salt spray testing per ASTM B117. Requirements for close tolerances are met and process variables are maintained. UPI’s hard anodize line allows you to benefit from the capacity and capability to meet production and delivery needs.

United Plating working on hard coat anodized aluminum project