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Dry Film Lubricant Solid Film Lubricant

Dry film lubricants, also known as solid film lubricants, provide a lubricating film and are intended for use as dry, low friction coatings to reduce wear and inhibit troublesome corrosion. Solid film lubricants have a wide temperature range and high load carrying ability. Solid films conduct electricity or may be used as insulators. Being clean lubricants, they do not attract dust or dirt, and are not diluted or washed from surfaces by water or most solvents. High quality dry film lubricants provide a long lasting lubricating film capable of withstanding load and environmental extremes.

UPI’s applications can be applied to any metal and conforms to the following specifications: Mil-L-46010, SAE AS5272 and Mil-L-23398. Three paint shops, located in North Alabama, ensure our customer’s production and delivery needs are met. UPI specializes in anodizing, chem film, industrial painting, powder coating, and much more!