United Plating, Inc.

Electroless Nickel

The Electroless Nickel process deposits a uniform thickness of Nickel onto products by chemical reduction. This allows even the most complex shaped product to be plated with no edge build-up. Also, nickel is deposited in hard to reach areas with the same uniformity. Other advantages include superior chemical and corrosion resistance, a hard, highly protective, bright and reflective coating that yields excellent wear.

Electroless Nickel’s characteristics make it appropriate for applications in the military, automotive, aerospace, electronics, chemical processing, oil and gas production, and other Industries. UPI, of North Alabama, offers masking by means of stop-off lacquers and assorted tapes or plugs for selective “no-plating” areas. Our Electroless Nickel meets ASTM B733 and Mil-C-26074 and may be applied to aluminum, brass, copper or steel. UPI has the capacity and capability to meet your production and delivery needs regarding anodizing, industrial painting, chem film, powder coating, and much more!

United Plating offers 2 types of Electroless Nickel:

  • Mid Phosphorus Electroless Nickel (5 – 9% phosphorus) Bright and aesthetically pleasing. Good corrosion resistance. Increased hardness and wear resistance.
  • High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel (10 – 12% phosphorus) Known for high corrosion resistance and low stress. Coatings are non-magnetic. Particularly suitable for heavy build up.
A United Plating park with electroless nickel finish on it