United Plating, Inc.

Paint, Primers and Top Coating

The painting choices we offer are: Electrostatic spraying, Chemical Agent Resistance Coatings (CARC), Textured Finishes, Teflon Coating and Specialty Finishes, Chemical and Fluid Resistant Urethanes, Aliphatic Polyurethane, Polane, Dry-Film Lubricants and Polyurethanes.

These Paints, Primers and Topcoats are applied to Automotive, Aerospace, Military and Commercial products and confirm to Mil Specs and Customer Requirements. We paint to required tolerances and blueprint specifications with the use of low-medium and high solvents, enamels, lacquers and two-component coatings, on any metal or surface, and to all Fed-STD Color requirements.

Plugging and masking per blueprint is available using stop-off lacquers, assorted tapes and plugs. 3 paint shops with the capacity to paint anything from small parts to something 20 foot long, to vehicle trailers assist UPI in meeting production and delivery needs.

An employee of United Plating painting, using primer and top coat at a United Plating facility